Pearl Engagement Rings

For the discerning customer, pearl engagement rings are a lovely choice to present to your beloved! Many people are curious about the engagement ring that they will purchase, and you will find that with just a little bit of effort, you can learn a great deal about this beautiful piece of jewelry. While pearls are not a traditional choice for the engagement ring or the wedding ring, recent years have shown that they have become even more popular. If you are interested in unique tanzanite engagement rings, you may find that pearls are the perfect gem for you.



When you are shopping for pearl engagement rings, you’ll find that there are several things that you need to look out for. Remember that round pearls are the most desirable shape and that you are looking for a gem that has a smooth and even color. Like many gems, you’ll find that pearls are best bought while they are loose and then placed in a piece of jewelry. This will allow you to take a look at the whole gem and get one that is attractive to you.

Remember that when you are buying a pearl that you are looking for the luster to be perfectly even, the shape to be symmetrical, and the color to be evenly distributed with no dark or pale spots. One thing that you can ask the jeweler about is how thick the nacre is, which is the lustrous covering that is built around the pearl. The quality of a cultured tanzanite earrings, which is grown around a bead, can be determined by how old it is, and how thick the nacre is. If you see any dark spots on the pearl, remember to ask if they can be buffed out. Pearl engagement rings can run the gamut of color, from pure white, to soft rose, to gold to a shimmering purple-black.

If you are looking into pearl engagement rings, you’ll also discover that you can do a great deal simply by verifying the authenticity of the pearl. If you have an heirloom that you are wondering about, lightly rub the surface of the pearl over your tooth. If the pearl feels grainy, that means that is probably real. If the pearl just slides off, you’ll find that it is likely a fake. It is always worth your time to take your jewelry to a jeweler and get a professional assessment.


When you are shopping for vintage engagement rings, you’ll find that there are several gems that are available to you. Pearls are lovely gems, and if you feel that they suit your beloved, by all means go ahead. Take a look at some pearl engagement rings and learn what you can about this classic piece of jewelry.